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I took part in Shirehike last time do I need to re-register?

No. Your account and Shirehike ID will still be the same as last time. Your account will also have preserved your progress so you will be able to pick up where you left off last time. But don’t worry if you reached Gold last time there are new levels and challenges for you to complete this time round.

I have forgotten my password from last time, what do I do?

Please reset your password here

I didn’t take part in Shirehike but did take part in the Great Egg Hunt (H&W Only). Do I need to register?

No. If you took part in the Great Egg Hunt your account will also work for Shirehike as well. Just replace the EH at the start of your Egg Hunt ID with SH instead.

As a leader can I register the whole group?

No each individual needs to register on the shirehike themselves to get a unique Shirehike ID. However once registered you can submit one set of evidence for the whole group by including each Shirehike ID in the evidence submission

How do I register multiple members of the same household?

Each member will require their own account to participate in Shirehike. You may create multiple accounts using the same email address. However if you do this you must then log in using only the user names created not your email address. And don’t forget to validate your accounts once created by using the link sent to you by email. This may go into your spam folder so please make sure you check in there.

Can siblings who are not members of scouting take part?

Unfortunatly only young people and adults who are a registered member of a group, district or county team in the participating counties can register and recieve the badges.

Where do I find the routes?

You need to register for Shirehike first here. Once you are logged in you will have access to the routes list and be able to download the maps for them

Can I complete more than one “Anywhere from home” hike?

As with all routes it is only possible to submit one set of evidence per route. This is due to the automation built into the evidence checking as with close to 2000 participants it is not possible for our volunteers to manually check every evidence submission. The “Anywhere from home” hikes have been added as a quick and convienient way for you to gain a few extra stars if you have run out of other local walks to complete. If you would like to complete more than one “Anywhere from home” hike at each star level then you will need to submit the extra routes for approval. Please send to the relevant person for each county. See the What is Shirehike? page for details of where to send routes. We strongly advise you do this before completing the hike as we cannot guarentee all routes will be approved.

Can any route count towards Shirehike?

Only routes which have been approved and are listed on the shirehike website can count towards shirehike. If you have a route in mind that you would like to do you can submit it for approval and if approved then you can count it towards shirehike. However please bear in mind we only process new route submissions once a month and you must submit the walk BEFORE you complete it as we cannot guarentee all route submissions will be approved. See the What is Shirehike? page for details on submitting routes.

Do Shirehike walks count as Hikes Away?

Yes they do. As a guide we recommend the following

1 Star Routes and above count as a hike away for Beavers

2 Star Routes and above count as a hike away for Cubs and Scouts

3 Star Routes count as a hike away for Explorers

As a leader how do I know how many hikes away to award the young people in my section?

At the end of shirehike we aim to send a report out to GSL’s to let them know how many routes young people in their group have completed. (This relies on the young person selecting the correct group on registration). However if you want to update your records sooner you can ask your young people to send you their Shirehike ID which you can then lookup how many routes that ID has completed here: you will need to be logged in to view this page and no personal information will be displayed you will only get the number of 1, 2 and 3 star routes completed.

How long will badges take to arrive?

Once you have completed a badge please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. You can check to see if your badges have been posted yet on the badges page. Please note that due to delays with Royal Mail currently badges posted on the same day may arrive at different times.

Are the badges Free?

Yes the badges are free and will be automatically sent out once earned

Where do I put the badges?

This depends on which county you are in as the county team sets the rules on occasional badges. We have been informed of the rules in the following counties. If your county is not on the list please contact your county team for clarification

Hereford & Worcester: Members can wear one of / or the most recent of the shirejam programme badges issued from March 2021 to March 2022 until September 2022. Therefore, members can wear either “ShireHike Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond” or “Shirejam Shire-powwow” or “Shirejam Beaver Sleepover” on their uniform. Once finished please sew them on to your badge blanket ready to show off around your next campfire.

Birmingham: Shirehike badges can be worn as an occasional badge on uniform (left hand breast) for up to 6 months past the close of shirehike

Coventry: Shirehike badges can be worn as an occasional badge on uniform (left hand breast) up to and including 30th Sep 2022

Shropshire: Shirehike badges can be worn as an occasional badge on uniform (left hand breast) up to and including 30th Sep 2022

Gloucestershire: Only the highest Shirehike award is to be worn (not multiple versions on one uniform). To be worn as an occasional badge on uniform (left hand breast) for up to 9 months past the close of shirehike.

Where is my Buff order?

Buffs will be shipped by 2nd class post. Please allow up to 5 working days from the day of your dispatch email for delivery.

How do I opt out of having my photo used for media purposes?

If possible the simplest thing is not to appear in any photos. We only require that most of the group are visible in your evidence photos so it is fine if there is a member of your group who can’t appear in photos on social media not to be in the photo. However if you do appear in any photos that are submitted as evidence please complete this form to request opting out of your photo being used and we will do our very best to identify any photos tagged with your Shirehike ID and not use them.

I have uploaded evidence but the route is not showing as completed and I have not gained my stars.

If you upload enough evidence the route should show as completed straight away and you will have gained your stars. You can check the photo submitted count in the routes list to see how many photos have been uploaded. If you are still struggling please email your Shirehike ID and the name of the route you completed to and we will investigate for you.

Who do I contact if I have a question that is not answered above?

Please send all questions to

Evidence Upload Guide

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Whilst you are out on your hikes we ask that you take photos along the way. These photos should have as many of your walking group in them as possible (obviously sticking to any social distancing requirements at the time of your walk if you are walking with people who are not part of your household). Try and pick some interesting points around the route to take the photos.

When you return one person from your group will need to take responsibility for picking the photo that best shows your group on their walk and submitting it as evidence. If you would like to share more than one photo with us please do so on social media with the hash tag #Shirehike.

Head to the Routes page and click on the evidence submission link for the route you have completed.

Make sure you have the shirehike IDs for every member of your group. They should all be in the form SHxxxxxL. Please enter each ID on a separate line on the evidence submission form. You can find your shirehike ID on the Routes, Badges and Profile pages. Each member of your group will need to register individually to receive their shirehike ID but only one person needs to upload the evidence for the group.

Uploaded photos may be used for the promotion of Scouting, please visit our website for further information.

Once submitted you should see the route marked as completed on the routes page. You can also check the Badges page to track your progress towards each badge level. Provided you have used your correct address when registering your badges will automatically be posted to you within 4-6 weeks of completing them.

Kit Advice

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Below is a suggested kit list for taking part in Shirehike.

What to wear?

  • Walking boots or walking shoes (boots tend to be better if route is wet, muddy or rocky)
  • Walking trousers, track suit trousers or leggings (not jeans)
  • Base layer top or breathable t-shirt
  • Jumper, fleece or soft shell
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers (have in your bag if not wearing)
  • Hat, gloves and scarf (have in your bag if not wearing)

What to carry?

  • Ruck sack (20 to 35 litre)
  • Packed lunch and snacks
  • Water or squash (1.5 litres)
  • Hot drink (optional)
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Face mask and hand sanitiser
  • Map
  • Phone – you may like to download a mapping app like OS Maps or OS locate to help you but be mindful of battery life or carry a second phone for emergencies.
  • Torch
  • Spare jumper
  • An ICE form (in case of emergency) with your name on it, emergency contact, and any medical conditions
  • Compass
  • All gear in dry bags

Guidelines for Parents, Carers and Leaders of Young People Participating in Shirehike

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In Scouting, a favourite activity of the young people is going hiking. Whenever we do this activity, there is always a team of leaders who work away in the background to plan the route and keep things safe and secure for the participants. In these unusual times, especially if face-to-face Scouting is currently suspended, this is not always possible so we are pleased to have the support of many parents and carers who are actively helping young people to keep Scouting. We have produced this short checklist of some simple and straightforward things that you may want to consider as you help your young people to prepare for taking part in shirehike.

Be Prepared…

The shirehike routes vary in difficulty, length and terrain so it’s best to always be prepared. Check out our suggested kit list for taking on a hike here.

Make sure you study the route carefully before you set out and don’t forget to take a copy of the map with you along with a compass to help you navigate. Choose a route that matches your capabilities as a walker. If you can’t manage any of the longer walks you can complete several shorter walks over the period to get the higher badge levels.

Don’t set off alone, it is always best to walk with other people, and it is advisable to let someone else know (who is not going on the walk with you) where you are going and when you plan to be back – don’t forget to let them know when you have arrived back safely too.

Take a first aid kit with you (just in case) along with enough water and food to last you for the walk. Also make sure you have some way of getting help if you need (i.e. a mobile phone with fully charged battery)


If you encounter footpaths which look dangerous either due to a change in conditions, traffic, animals or a change in route please ensure you consider your safety at all times. If its better to cut your walk short rather than carry on, then thats what we recommend! If you are able to navigate a different route, then please make that choice, based on your experience. It is important to let someone know you have changed your route. Also, when you get back contact us using one of the contact emails on the What is Shirehike page and let us know the changes in footpath or route. You will not be penalised for such changes, please still upload your evidence to ensure you don’t miss out on your Shirehike badges!

COVID-19 Guidence

Please always follow the latest Government advice. And if you are a leader planning the activity as part of group meeting please make sure you check the activity is allowed under the current readiness level and have the appropriate COVID restart risk assessments in place.

Social Distancing

Walking is still subject to the government guidelines. Make sure you check what the current guidelines are around social distancing etc at the time of your walk. Please comply with all the current guidelines regarding who you walk with and be aware of other walkers making sure to give them plenty of space as you pass.

Social Media

Many will want to post about their walks on social media and we do encourage this using the #Shirehike hashtag. However remember to keep your social media posts appropriate by following our guidelines for online Scouting. You may also want to avoid posting things that reveal your precise location.

Responsible Adults

For a young person to be taking part in shirehike outside of an organised scout meeting, they will need to have talked about it with their parents or carers who will be giving their permission/approval of them doing it. Remember, parents and carers, you will be the responsible adult on the scene so the young person is dependent upon you for their safety and well-being.

We hope that you find these guidelines useful. We will keep them updated with any new information we have from time to time. Remember to keep your Scouting Section Leaders updated with any hikes you do so that they can track them against any badges they can award.

Keep yourselves and your young people safe and have lots of fun!

What is Shirehike?

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Shirehike is a walking festival hosted by Hereford & Worcester Scouts, running from 1st October 2021 to March 27th 2022. Neighbouring counties have been invited to take part and we are pleased to welcome Birmingham Scouts, Gloucestershire Scouts, Shropshire Scouts and Coventry Scouts to join in the Shirehike fun with us!

This event will be open to all members in the participating counties and entry is free of charge.

Registrations will need to be completed by each young person or their parent/carer. Walks will all be within the participating counties and range in length from 3 to 10 miles miles. Once you have registered you will be able to view and download maps for all the routes.

A walk can be done on a section night as an activity (as long as risk assessment is in place and we are not operating under Red Covid-19 restrictions) or as a family ensuring that government Covid-19 restrictions are followed.

Evidence of completion should be uploaded to the website and special Shirehike badges will be sent in the post direct to the young person once evidence has been approved.

All walks will be ranked one to three stars based and we’d love youth members or leaders to propose additional routes between 3 and 10 miles in length.

NEW FOR 2021

We have added two new Shirehike levels (Platinum & Diamond) along with 4 challenge badges to complete as part of Shirehike 2021. We will hopefully be adding new routes as well as all the previous routes along with the option to complete some cycling and paddling routes.

Got an idea for a route?!

Please submit your suggested routes including a map and description of a few things participants will see along the way:

Hereford and Worcester Scouts: Mark Graham – 

Birmingham Scouts:

Gloucestershire Scouts: Liz Orchard

Shropshire Scouts:

Coventry: Andy Morris –

New route submissions will be processed once a month so it may take a while for your route to appear and we cannot guarentee that all routes submitted will be approved. We therefore strongly recommend that you submit your route and wait for it to be approved before completing your walk. All routes suggested should start from a public location with suitable parking nearby. We will not approve routes for example that start from your front door and does a few laps of a local park. For routes like this please use the “Anywhere from Home” hikes.

If you have any general questions about Shirehike please email

Happy Hiking


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Here are the different badges you can gain for taking part in Shirehike. Each level requires a different number of stars to complete. You can gain stars by completing the various routes. Once you have completed a badge it will be sent direct to the address you used when registering within 4-6 weeks.


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Welcome to Shirehike 2021 – Virtual walking festival

Incorporating the Scouting counties of Hereford & Worcester, Gloucestershire, Birmingham, Shropshire and Coventry

Shirehike is now Closed

Thank YOU for taking part. final badges will be sent out shortly.