I took part in Shirehike last time do I need to re-register?

No. Your account and Shirehike ID will still be the same as last time. Your account will also have preserved your progress so you will be able to pick up where you left off last time. But don’t worry if you reached Gold last time there are new levels and challenges for you to complete this time round.

I have forgotten my password from last time, what do I do?

Please reset your password here

I didn’t take part in Shirehike but did take part in the Great Egg Hunt (H&W Only). Do I need to register?

No. If you took part in the Great Egg Hunt your account will also work for Shirehike as well. Just replace the EH at the start of your Egg Hunt ID with SH instead.

As a leader can I register the whole group?

No each individual needs to register on the shirehike themselves to get a unique Shirehike ID. However once registered you can submit one set of evidence for the whole group by including each Shirehike ID in the evidence submission

How do I register multiple members of the same household?

Each member will require their own account to participate in Shirehike. You may create multiple accounts using the same email address. However if you do this you must then log in using only the user names created not your email address. And don’t forget to validate your accounts once created by using the link sent to you by email. This may go into your spam folder so please make sure you check in there.

Can siblings who are not members of scouting take part?

Unfortunatly only young people and adults who are a registered member of a group, district or county team in the participating counties can register and recieve the badges.

Where do I find the routes?

You need to register for Shirehike first here. Once you are logged in you will have access to the routes list and be able to download the maps for them

Can I complete more than one “Anywhere from home” hike?

As with all routes it is only possible to submit one set of evidence per route. This is due to the automation built into the evidence checking as with close to 2000 participants it is not possible for our volunteers to manually check every evidence submission. The “Anywhere from home” hikes have been added as a quick and convienient way for you to gain a few extra stars if you have run out of other local walks to complete. If you would like to complete more than one “Anywhere from home” hike at each star level then you will need to submit the extra routes for approval. Please send to the relevant person for each county. See the What is Shirehike? page for details of where to send routes. We strongly advise you do this before completing the hike as we cannot guarentee all routes will be approved.

Can any route count towards Shirehike?

Only routes which have been approved and are listed on the shirehike website can count towards shirehike. If you have a route in mind that you would like to do you can submit it for approval and if approved then you can count it towards shirehike. However please bear in mind we only process new route submissions once a month and you must submit the walk BEFORE you complete it as we cannot guarentee all route submissions will be approved. See the What is Shirehike? page for details on submitting routes.

Do Shirehike walks count as Hikes Away?

Yes they do. As a guide we recommend the following

1 Star Routes and above count as a hike away for Beavers

2 Star Routes and above count as a hike away for Cubs and Scouts

3 Star Routes count as a hike away for Explorers

As a leader how do I know how many hikes away to award the young people in my section?

At the end of shirehike we aim to send a report out to GSL’s to let them know how many routes young people in their group have completed. (This relies on the young person selecting the correct group on registration). However if you want to update your records sooner you can ask your young people to send you their Shirehike ID which you can then lookup how many routes that ID has completed here: https://shirehike.shirejam.org.uk/hikelookup you will need to be logged in to view this page and no personal information will be displayed you will only get the number of 1, 2 and 3 star routes completed.

How long will badges take to arrive?

Once you have completed a badge please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. You can check to see if your badges have been posted yet on the badges page. Please note that due to delays with Royal Mail currently badges posted on the same day may arrive at different times.

Are the badges Free?

Yes the badges are free and will be automatically sent out once earned

Where do I put the badges?

This depends on which county you are in as the county team sets the rules on occasional badges. We have been informed of the rules in the following counties. If your county is not on the list please contact your county team for clarification

Hereford & Worcester: Members can wear one of / or the most recent of the shirejam programme badges issued from March 2021 to March 2022 until September 2022. Therefore, members can wear either “ShireHike Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond” or “Shirejam Shire-powwow” or “Shirejam Beaver Sleepover” on their uniform. Once finished please sew them on to your badge blanket ready to show off around your next campfire.

Birmingham: Shirehike badges can be worn as an occasional badge on uniform (left hand breast) for up to 6 months past the close of shirehike

Coventry: Shirehike badges can be worn as an occasional badge on uniform (left hand breast) up to and including 30th Sep 2022

Shropshire: Shirehike badges can be worn as an occasional badge on uniform (left hand breast) up to and including 30th Sep 2022

Gloucestershire: Only the highest Shirehike award is to be worn (not multiple versions on one uniform). To be worn as an occasional badge on uniform (left hand breast) for up to 9 months past the close of shirehike.

Where is my Buff order?

Buffs will be shipped by 2nd class post. Please allow up to 5 working days from the day of your dispatch email for delivery.

How do I opt out of having my photo used for media purposes?

If possible the simplest thing is not to appear in any photos. We only require that most of the group are visible in your evidence photos so it is fine if there is a member of your group who can’t appear in photos on social media not to be in the photo. However if you do appear in any photos that are submitted as evidence please complete this form to request opting out of your photo being used and we will do our very best to identify any photos tagged with your Shirehike ID and not use them.

I have uploaded evidence but the route is not showing as completed and I have not gained my stars.

If you upload enough evidence the route should show as completed straight away and you will have gained your stars. You can check the photo submitted count in the routes list to see how many photos have been uploaded. If you are still struggling please email your Shirehike ID and the name of the route you completed to info@shirehike.shirejam.org.uk and we will investigate for you.

Who do I contact if I have a question that is not answered above?

Please send all questions to info@shirehike.shirejam.org.uk